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Boxcar, 50' 6", 2022 Ukraine Peace Edition (N)

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"In 1974, ACF® built the first box car for Railbox, a subsidiary of the Trailer Train Company. They went on to produce 5,400 50’ cars over the next six years, receiving large orders from Class I railroads, shortlines and box car leasing companies. These box cars have a 50' 6" interior length designed to fit slightly larger Plate C dimensions. This yielded a capacity of nearly 5,300 cubic feet. Most of the cars were built with non-cushioned underframes."


  • Prototypical non-terminating corrugated ends
  • Diagonal paneled roof
  • Single 10-foot YSD design sliding door (non-operating)
  • Detailed cross-member attachment rivets on the side sills
  • Weighted, detailed underframes
  • True scale dimensions with acccurate details
  • Equipped with AccuMate® knuckle couplers

Atlas will donate all profits from the sale of these cars to Ukrainian refugee relief organizations.

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