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Boxcar, 50', CNCF 5000 cu. ft., CP (ex-MCSA)..

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Ex-Moscow, Camden & San Augustine Railroad.

"Nearly 1,500 Mexican built CNCF 5000 Boxcars were ordered by U.S. railroads in the late 1970s as part of the “IPD” incentive per diem boxcar boom. This was the peak of U.S. modern freight car production, however it wasn’t just limited to the U.S. builders as multiple U.S. railroads opted to purchase the 70-ton 50-foot boxcar from the Mexican freight car builder CNCF. Thousands more CNCF 5000 boxcars would be built for Mexico’s national railways in the 1980s as well. These 5000 cubic foot boxcars still roam the rails of U.S., Canada, and Mexico to this day. The CNCF 5000 has many unique spotting features from the triangular supports above the door post, to the wrapped end sheets and the sharp notches in the sill near the stirrups. This iconic boxcar is a must have for any model railroader focused between the late 1970s and present day."

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