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Bus, transit, GMC "New Look", GO Transit #1106, deluxe

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Destination Sign: "York Mills Station, Hwy 11"

Detail Variations:

    Air conditioner   
    Rear EIP exhaust package
    Sealed windows
    4-window exit door
    Late-style engine door
    Standee windows


    Correct tubular profile traced from a 3D scan of a real "New Look" bus
    Single-stream rear exit door in either 2-window or 4-window variants (as appropriate)
    Era-correct rear engine door available in either early (5303) or late (5307) styles
    Optional left-side emergency exit door, a trademark of the early productions
    Full interior including separate seats with seatback handrails and grooved flooring
    Etched-metal interior stanchions, stamped-metal handrails and separate farebox and steering wheel parts installed
    Steerable front wheels and REAL rubber tires
    Three types of bumpers - steel, water and rubber - installed as appropriate
    A wide variety of optional parts pre-installed (where appropriate)
    Separate advertisement frames included with each model
    Pre-installed route destination signs for added realism

Deluxe "New Look" bus models also feature:

    Interior lighting
    Working headlights and tail lights
    Illuminated front destination sign
    Painted seatback handrails
    Two-tone seats (where appropriate)

A 9-12 volt DC power supply (not included) is required to power the lighting features.


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