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How To Use This Website

Welcome to Canadian Express Line: How to use this website

In the store you will find about 4500 items listed, together with descriptions, images where possible and the current prices. You may browse by category (under the "Products" menu), by manufacturer (under the "Manufacturer" menu or under "Popular Brands") or by using the "Roadname" or "Scale" menus. You can also go straight to a "Pre-Order" menu for a listing of all items currently available for pre-order. You may then either purchase, order or pre-order as appropriate.

If you are looking for a particular product there are several ways to do it:

    • under "Manufacturers" click down to the relevant manufacturer page and click on a sub-category (i.e. "Decoder (Control/Function)") or item.
    • under "Categories" click down to the relevant sub-category (i.e Command Control > Decoders > Decoders (Control/Function), filter and "sort by" as appropriate, and scroll down.
    • if your item is roadname-specific you may find the "Roadname" menu a faster route
    • use "Search" or "Advanced Search". This is good if you have an item number (especially using a Walthers prefix). Be exact with your search term and remember that we use abbreviations in our product titles. For example, "Canadian National" will not show up in product titles, except for books; use "CN".

Once you find something of interest you can add it to your cart for immediate or later purchase. Now, you can also produce and maintain a wish list for future consideration. The cart and wish list contents may be saved as long as you have created a login profile. When ready you can proceed to checkout and complete the purchase, which may consist of any combination of in-stock, out-of-stock and pre-order items. We will use our best judgement to decide when to ship available items, ensuring that your shipping charges are kept to a minimum. If problems arise, please don't hesitate to call or email for assistance.

Note that it is not our intention to collect payment "up front" for your purchases. If paying by credit card or PayPal your details will be used to create a pre-authorization only. You will not be charged for any purchase until the items are shipped. However, for certain pre-orders and new customers we may take or request a deposit of up to 10% of the final price.

We have used a number of abbreviations in our product names. Consult our Abbreviations Guide for an explanation of our codes.

The latest product news items are highlighted on the menu above with links for further information. Many of these products will be incorporated into the store for pre-order as soon as details are available. We suggest that you subscribe to our regular newsletter in order to get a resume of all the month's news, right in your inbox.

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