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Why should you place a pre-order?

For many products, especially locomotives and cars, the best way to ensure you will receive new items once they have been shipped by the manufacturer is to place a pre-order. This allows the manufacturer to gauge the level of interest in the product and set their production run accordingly, and you can relax knowing you'll receive the item as soon as it is available to us.

Can't I just order the item once it's been manufactured?

Due to the large number of products and their variations in terms or roadnames, schemes and numbers, it is not possible for Canadian Express Line to pre-order all new items for stock; therefore the only way to guarantee you'll get the item you want through us is to place an order to prior to the ordering deadline. 

How can I hear about new releases and pre-order items?

To hear about new products available for pre-order, make sure to sign up for our monthly newsletter. Along with pre-orders, we'll let you know about sales and special offers as well.

Do I have to pay for my pre-ordered item(s) up front?

No, we won't ask you to pay the full amount in advance. We may ask you to pay a deposit of up to 10% on certain items, especially those of high value.

When you add specific pre-order items to your cart, we'll automatically reduce the cost to the the pre-order deposit amount. You'll see the amount of the deposit at checkout. Please note that we'll ask you for payment information for pre-authorization only.

Once you place your order, we'll send you a sales order and confirm the amount of the deposit charged or required. Once we receive any payment, we'll add your item to our pre-order list for the manufacturer.

Can I include a pre-ordered item in a regular order?

Yes, the pre-order discount will still be added and the rest of your order will be charged at regular/sale price.

What if I need to cancel a pre-ordered item before it is shipped? Will I receive my money back?

We understand that circumstances can change. If you find that you can no longer take delivery of the item you've ordered, please let us know as soon as possible so we can cancel your order at the manufacturer, if possible, or find another home for the item.

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