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Boxcar, 40' single-door, postwar, CN #543345, green leaf

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"Spurred by the postwar business boom and in an effort to replace worn out equipment, North American railroads built large numbers of 40' box cars to the AAR standard designs beginning in 1945. Prototypes were built with different combinations of roof styles, ends and doors. Our tooling includes many of the more common options for these details."


    State of the art highly detailed tooling
    Many separately applied details such as ladders, grab irons, etc.
    4 different end styles – 4/4, Early and Late Improved Dreadnaught or“Dartnot”
    2 different roofs – straight or diagonal panel
    Superior or Youngstown doors
    Seven or eight rung ladders
    Fully detailed underframe
    Free rolling trucks with blackened metal wheelsets
    Carefully researched prototypical paint schemes

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