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Atlas Model Railroad Co.

Boxcar, 50', Berwick, ONT, chevrons.

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In 1972, Berwick Forge & Fabricating, of Berwick, Pennsylvania began producing modern 50’ sliding door box cars which featured their new corrugated non-terminating “sine-wave” ends. Initially sold to over 35 railroads across the nation, these box cars were an unfortunate casualty of the economic recession of the late 1970’s and Berwick was forced to stop production in 1982. However, Berwick’s 50’ hauler found a place in railroad history through a strong second hand market that continues even today.


• Ready-to-run
• Full under body detail with brake rigging
• Overhanging X-panel roof
• Non-terminating sine wave ends
• Separately applied wire grabs
• Detailed end ladders and brake gear
• Accurate painting and printing
• Blackened metal wheels
• AccuMate® couplers

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Pre-orders are being taken (you may be asked for a deposit).
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