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New Products - Sylvan Scale Models

Four new HO Fruehauf trailers are now available:

"...our new 1951-55 Fruehauf stainless steel trailers in 32' and 34' lengths. These trailers were originally designed and manufactured in the 1940s. In 1951 Fruehauf redesigned the upper front area of the body for a more modern look. While the bodies were built using the same Budd Company's methods that were used to produce stainless steel streamline passenger cars of the era the frames were still made from mild steel. This meant that the bodies outlasted the frames and undercarriage. Many of these trailers became construction site offices and storage units long after they had become unsafe for the road. They can still be seen occasionally today on construction sites so they are suitable for any era from 1951 to the present. Our kits are available in four undecorated variations. They feature one piece bodies with delicate ribbed sides and roof, rubber tires and an accurate torsion bar suspension that Fruehauf referred to as a "Gravity Suspension". The suspension is a one piece casting plus the two axles for easy assembly . Kits # T-020 and T-022 include a period correct Thermo King refrigeration unit to mount on the front of the trailer body. The 32' East Coast versions have the suspension set forward, typical of East Coast trailers. The 34' West Coast version have the axles set to the very back like most West Coast trailers. This was before sliding suspensions became available on trailers."

We are ordering a few of these now so let us know a.s.a.p. if you would like some.

2023 Jan 30th

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