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New Store! (Updated)

New Store! (Updated)

It was clear that the last store update nearly two years ago had problems and deficiencies which were difficult to fix, so the decision was made to go to a brand new platform. This has taken much time (and expense) to produce, with a focus on a store that is easy to navigate and search. We have also aimed at making the ordering and purchasing process as smooth as possible, by giving more information on product availability and more payment options. You'll note that there is now a dedicated pre-order procedure for the increasing number of limited run products on offer these days.

Note that the majority of products listed do not show quantities in stock. This in not intentional, but due to the fact that the store does not allow quantities to fall below zero (pre-orders excepted). Once your order is received you will be sent a manual invoice or sales order (if there are backorders), which will clarify things. If you wish to know actual stock levels prior to placing an order, or at any time, ask us for an in-stock listing. We will be producing this weekly and it will show item numbers, product titles and quantities in stock.

Logging into your account

Existing customers may log in as normal but are reminded that any orders created on the old site could not be carried over to the new one. Of course we do have such orders safe and sound in our accounting system.

Now its over to you. What do you think? Contact us.

2021 Oct 21st

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