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Rapido Trains Inc.

Loco., diesel, GMD GP9u Mother + Slug set, STLH - DC

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Set comprises GP9u #1625 and ex-SW8 #1010.

Features (mother):-

  • Heavy diecast frame with super detailed piping and traction cables
  • Detailed Blomberg trucks (Later series have rotating bearing caps)
  • Traction motor details on gearbox
  • Working track lights, class lights, control stand lights
  • Metal side handrails
  • Working ditch lights on prototypically appropriate road numbers
  • Front and rear plows, plates or footboards on appropriate road numbers

Features (slug):-

  • Heavy diecast frame
  • Metal handrails
  • Removed exhaust stacks
  • Full lighting and flashing beacons

Both models will have: DC/Silent (21-pin DCC Ready) or DCC/ESU LokSound

See the "Manufacturer" page for general delivery and pricing information.


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