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This US manufacturer produces easy-to-build injection-moulded plastic freight car kits. These kits feature a one piece body with details moulded in place. There are many Canadian road names listed in the Store; US roads are also available. Several HO freight car super-detailing parts are also listed.

Scales Listed


Canadian Express Line Prices

Our prices are discounted approximately 5% from the MSRP.
(We review the CAN/USD exchange rate on a monthly basis and update Store prices as appropriate).

Delivery Information

Availability is unpredictable on most cars and few new products seem to be coming, except for occasional 3-packs or 4-packs. Backordered items normally take 2-4 weeks to obtain. However, recently it has been taking much longer than that. As a result we are currently only listing items in stock. For now, please email your order for all other Accurail products.



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