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Peco is one of the world's major suppliers of model railway track, offering products from Z to G scales. All are made at the company's plant in the United Kingdom. They also produce a wide selection of plastic kits, accessories and electrical components and publishes model railway books and guides, as well as Railway Modeller, and Continental Modeller magazines. We list in the Store the HO Streamline (and some Setrack) range of track products and electrical accessories, and are adding some N scale track components. However, we can obtain their whole range of products. We try to stock most of the items listed, with quantities depending on demand.

Scales Listed


Canadian Express Line Prices

Our prices are based on those of our distributor - we believe them to be very competitive. They do vary with the CAN/UKP exchange rate.

Delivery Information

Most items are available on a continual basis.
Backordered items normally take 1-2 weeks to obtain (if the distributor has stock).



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