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Testor Corp.

Testor Corp.

Testor is known for a long line of paints and paint-related supplies. They also product hand tools and adhesives. Although we can supply the whole product line our Store currently lists only a few items, such as cement and finishes.

Scales Listed


Canadian Express Line Prices

As a rule our prices are discounted around 5% from the MSRP.
(We review the CAN/USD exchange rate on a monthly basis and update Store prices as appropriate).

Delivery Information

Most items are available on a continual basis. We suggest using Walthers online store for a guide to availability.
Backordered items normally take 2-4 weeks to obtain.



  • Finish, clear "Dullcote", 1.75 oz. bottle

    Finish, clear "Dullcote", 1.75 oz. bottle

    Testor Corp.

    Dullcote is a lacquer-based clear overcoat, used to seal and protect painted surfaces. It is used for altering glossy surfaces to give them a flat look, and to protect decals. See the "Manufacturer" page for general delivery and pricing...
    Will be backordered if not in stock.
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