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Rapido Trains Inc.

Rapido Trains Inc.

This Ontario manufacturer produces a large variety of HO and N products, including decals, super-detailing parts, trucks, wheelsets, locomotives, cars, DCC and sound decoders and occasionally, whole train sets. Locomotives and rolling stock are ready-to-run and in limited production runs. The company is the leader in the field for prototypical locomotives, especially as far as Canadian roads are concerned. We list just about the whole range of products in our Store, except for US roads. We stock a small number of locomotives and cars, most wheelsets and many other accessories, when available.
The company produces a newsletter, Rapido News, which gives full details of new announcements, plus news on products in development/production and schedule updates. You can sign up to receive this on their home page. If you wish to pre-order products from this which are not in our Store please email your order.

Scales Listed


Canadian Express Line Prices

Our prices are discounted either 10-12% or 20% from the MSRP, depending on the dealer discount.

Delivery Information

Most of the new release locomotives and rolling stock sell out fast. We would advise pre-ordering these items. Other items are available on a continual basis.
Backordered items normally take 2-3 weeks to obtain.


Rapido Trains

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